Being british is hard sometimes. A good tea takes two and a half minutes. Three is still okay. But if you don't keep an eye on the watch or use a timer and that bugger goes to 4 or even 5 Minutes, the day is bloody ruined. What THE HELL do you do now? OBVIOUSLY, you can't dump it, because that would be rude and also a bit of blasphemy. So you go: "So this is how it's going to be" and start pouring in the milk, your mood already at freezing point. You immediately notice, how dark it is and how much milk it takes to get the colour right. As you start to get annoyed, you overdo it and the whole thing degenerates to a milky mess. As you put away the utensils, you try to stay composed, but at this point you are boiling inside. You frown and your lip stiffens as you pick up the monster you have created. One last time, you take a look at the sink. By this moment, you are absolutely livid. You finally resign and sit down with this abomination. After a while, you take a sip and think to yourself: "Could be worse, I suppose".